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Thanks to Hermitage Green & Shane Hogan

Fern Celtic would like to extend a huge thank you to Hermitage Green band members, especially Ballyea native, Dermot Sheedy, for their support to our School boys and girl's Soccer Club.

In recognition of his time and contribution to Fern Celtic over the past year, Dermot and the lads very kindly invited the Club's LIT Co-op student Shane Hogan as their guest to their concert in Limerick on July 21st. Shane was also given a back stage pass to meet the band and presented with signed Hermitage Green merchandise. Shane, who is a huge fan of the group, was really overwhelmed by the incredible gesture Dermot and his band mates bestowed upon him.

The Club would like to wish Shane the best of luck in his final year in LIT. He will be greatly missed!! The Club and all its members and supporters also wish continued success to Hermitage Green and especially Dermot - we are all very proud of you!!


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